Your FAQs About Travel-on-a-Budget Destinations Answered

May 5, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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If you’re planning for trips to budget destinations, it’s worthwhile to know ahead of time what things you need to prepare for. After all, we’re all aware of the adage “you get what you pay for.” This is because opting for travel-on-a-budget destinations can bring with it some challenges and a few unexpected surprises.

So, to ensure your budget travel itinerary goes without a hitch and to ensure maximum enjoyment, we’ve put together a couple of FAQs posed by budget travelers. By the way, this doesn’t cover those who get to stay in five-star hotels and similar accommodations because of promotions or ongoing deals.

1. What are the standard amenities in budget accommodation?

Typical budget accommodation would have basic amenities: space to sleep, a bathroom, kitchen and living area. Some budget facilities offer travelers room-sharing options, with all other amenities being common areas. This arrangement is especially common in backpacker hostels or budget guesthouses.

Of course, even while traveling on a budget, you may also opt to have your own en-suite room. Additionally, in tropical destinations, you can choose between staying in an air-conditioned room and one that’s cooled with an electric fan.

But it’s not all about the bare necessities — there are also pension houses and bed-and-breakfasts that you can look into if you want to save while also enjoying a few creature comforts.

2. How do you get around in budget destinations?

Depending on where you’re going, traveling by land is usually the cheapest convenient option for getting around in your destination (other than walking, of course).

Most countries would have local buses available, although these may not be the most comfortable choice especially if the journey is expected to take several hours. If you’re after an authentic budget travel experience, however, by all means take the bus or train, if it’s available.

Taxicabs are another likely mode of transport, as well as hiring a local transport service. However, these tend to cost more, and you also need to conduct due diligence for safety reasons, especially if you are traveling alone or for a great distance. To avoid having to worry about mobility in your target destination, it's always best to consult global travel agents who can provide the information or contacts you need.

3. When would be the best time to travel?

In the United States, traveling locally or abroad gets a little expensive around spring break, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, as well as most Fridays of the year. To save big on local air travel, avoid flying during the peak of summer.

If you’re determined to travel abroad on a budget, this can mean going to the country of your choice when it’s off-season — typically during the rainy or monsoon season, and probably even winter in places where it snows. This would require you to do a bit of research. One upside of visiting other countries before or after the peak season is there’ll be less people and you can enjoy most places with very few distractions. However, be prepared for the eventuality of swimming while it’s raining.

4. Is it better to travel solo or with a group?

If your objective is to travel cheap, opting for independent travel may be a better choice as your options also remain flexible. Traveling alone means you can go for the cheapest accommodation and hole-in-the-wall restaurant if and when you want to.

But if you’re new to traveling, whether on a budget or luxury class, taking part in a group tour may be the first experience you should have as you ease yourself into the travel experience. There are also arrangements where you travel with a group, but you have the option to explore on your own in the places you visit.

Going for travel-on-a-budget destinations is a big deal, as it can be a tad challenging for those who have never experienced the hassles of budget travel.

But if you have a choice to go for something more comfortable and luxurious, why not go on a luxury tour instead? If you’re unsure about your budget, just let us know and we’ll take care of planning everything for you.

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