Group Trip Ideas for Your Travels this Summer

May 3, 2021 at 11:00 PM
People on vacation after receiving group trip ideas.

The excitement of settling on a trip altogether fades a little when you realize you need to pick somewhere to go. And you need spots to visit once you get there. You also need to plan activities everyone is on board with.

But let none of it discourage you. You’re close to discovering group trip ideas from Tammy Fisher Travel that can make this a summer to create memories with friends and family.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Go on a cruise to the Caribbean

When planning a group trip, making sure there’s something to interest everyone is always the top consideration. And going on a cruise to the Caribbean easily makes sure of that.

There are hundreds of islands to see, so those keen on adventuring within your group will have something to keep them interested.

Visit Dream Sands Cancun

Dream Sands Cancun in Mexico is where to go if you truly want variety. The white sand beach and the year-round warmth provide ideal conditions for you and your group to relax. Then, when you’re feeling more

It’s great too that you’re within walking distance from shops and a vast range of restaurants.

With a beach area that stretches more than 650 feet, you’ll all easily find

There’s no issue bringing the kids along, either. They have their own dedicated and supervised programs. The same goes for teens. So that’s one less worry that could keep someone from joining.

Majestic Mirage Punta Cana

We turn westward to the Dominican Republic, where sandy beaches and spacious suites await to put your group in the lap of luxury.

There are world-class spas available at the resort.

And, when you’re all feeling a little active but not too much, complementary golfing for the full length of your stay provides a great group activity to enjoy.

Romanico Palace Hotel and Spa

Or, travel together to Italy and stay at the Romanico Palace Hotel and Spa. The spa is renowned for its masseuses and extensive range of services.

The sheer variety of restaurants offering 5-star cuisine also means everyone in your group excited about trying different exotic foods will discover whatever they like.

There’s the La Rinascita restaurant, an Italian a la carte restaurant for dining together in elegance. While Draft Sports Bar provides somewhere else to eat and have a drink when you’re less in the mood for dressing up. And how about breakfast at Seaside Restaurant, with the beach right alongside and the ocean scent flavoring the air?

Pick excursions for a more active group trip

Maybe you feel this isn’t quite the trip for lounging around. Perhaps you and your group are more interested in fun activities that keep you busy each minute of your stay.

Then an excursion is what you’re picturing. There’s variety aplenty for this choice too. You can go deep-sea fishing, head to Jamaica’s Dunn river, or do something with a little more edge like ATV safari off-roading or ziplining across the Chukka Jungle.

Get personalized group trip ideas from Tammy Fisher Travel

If any of the options and destinations above sound just like what you’re planning, Tammy Fisher Travel can plan and arrange every little detail for a delightful, exciting, and refreshing group trip.

What’s more, you can get a comprehensive package that ensures a well-rounded

However many you are or however few, count on us for a group trip everyone enjoys to the fullest and cherishes.

Book your group trip with us today.