5 myths about discount luxury vacation packages debunked

June 29, 2020 at 7:00 AM
shopping around for discount luxury vacation packages

Although some travel warnings are rooted in fact (like avoiding the drinking water in certain countries), others are nothing more than unfounded myths. When it comes to budget travel, separating fact from fiction will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest — and perhaps save you some money in the process.

Here I’ll debunk five common myths about discount luxury vacation packages that many budget travelers have, and what it means for you.

Myth #1: Paying more gives you a better experience

Higher prices don’t necessarily mean that you’ll enjoy yourself more. In fact, finding out that you paid premium prices when you didn’t have to can actually spoil your mood a bit!

Know that your dollar will stretch much further in some countries than others, so look to these destinations first if you want to save money. Knowing where to shop around for prices can bring down your cost tremendously too.

But to get the most out of your budget, look into discount vacation packages. Bundling airfare, accommodations, transportation, and even meals and tours can save you several hundred dollars.

Myth #2: Booking your flight as early as possible will save you money

If your flight isn’t included in your vacation package, you may try to save some money by buying your plane ticket as soon as you lock in your travel plans.

However, booking your flight too early will actually cost you extra. Airlines typically drop their prices about six to seven weeks before the departure date. Buy during this window to save your hard-earned cash.

Myth #3: All-inclusive stays are actually all-inclusive

Before you book that dreamy all-inclusive cruise you’ve been dreaming about, make sure to read the fine print carefully (and several times, if you have to).

Oftentimes, these packages include the main things — like your room, meals, and entertainment — but forego additional benefits like cocktails and premium experiences.

Understanding exactly what your travel package includes and what it doesn’t can save you from an unpleasant surprise during your trip.

Myth #4: Group tours are a waste of time and money

Contrary to popular opinion, tours are actually a great way to take in the sights and culture of a different country without planning the itinerary yourself.

Local guides show you the area’s popular spots (and even some hidden gems you wouldn’t catch on your own), and will often provide colorful commentary or mini-history lessons throughout.

Many of these sightseeing trips also come with meals and transportation, making them a great deal you’ll want to take advantage of.

Myth #5: Planning the perfect trip is a time-intensive process

If you’re a go-with-the-flow type, consider leaving space in your itinerary to just explore your local surroundings. Sometimes, leaving things up to chance turns a regular trip into one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

You may miss out on life-changing experiences simply because you were so intent on following your schedule, and part of the beauty of traveling is the novelty of it all, right?

But if an optimized itinerary is still a huge concern for you, consider hiring a travel company to do all the scheduling for you. You’ll get an amazing trip planned to the T by an expert, without any of the accompanying headaches.

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