Creative ways to give the gift of travel with luxury vacation packages

December 4, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Creative ways to give the gift of travel with luxury vacation packages

Part of giving any gift is the presentation. Nobody wants to be simply handed a printed piece of paper with a confirmation number. Build anticipation by finding a creative way to present a luxury vacation package. At Tammy Fisher Travel, we put together a few creative ways that you can build excitement and give the gift of travel.

Give small travel items

No matter where or when you’re traveling, there are certain items that are essential. These can be small items like travel shampoo or a luggage tag. You can give a number of items that don’t look like much of anything individually but will paint a much larger picture when they’re put together.

Give destination-specific items

Every travel destination offers items that are unique to the area. If you’re planning to book a luxury vacation package to the Caribbean, something as simple as a bottle of sunscreen or a new beach towel can start a buildup to the big reveal.

If you’d prefer to be more even specific, you can always give an item that is unique to the destination. An item that’s themed with the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Great Wall of China would be an excellent clue as to the destination of the big gift. This can be done with a single item or a themed gift basket.

Give a camera

A larger item that can be used for a subtle presentation is a new camera. While phones are a great way to take photos while traveling, a camera provides different battery reliability and can provide nearly endless storage for photos. Before gifting the camera, load the memory card with images from the destination. Encourage your traveler to explore the camera after opening it so they find the pre-loaded photos.

Preview local cuisine

Set the mood for the destination by trying some of the local fare. Make a meal or present treats that are from the destination. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, prepare a special Italian meal with Mediterranean seafood and pasta. A trip to Switzerland might warrant a basket of chocolates. This can also be a fun way to try something that you’ve never had before. Be creative and have fun with it.

Hide a note

If you’d like to present the trip in a more subtle way, there are easy ways to surprise a traveler. Something as simple as a note or printed confirmation email for your luxury vacation package in a new piece of luggage or bag can bring excitement.

Give a 2021 calendar of the destination with the appropriate dates blocked out. Should you choose this method, be sure to have your traveler look through the calendar rather than look at the pictures on the back.

Don’t do it alone

Get help from somebody to reveal the trip. When you book a trip with Tammy Fisher Travel, she’ll work for you as your travel agent from the beginning stages of planning, through the trip, and even follow up after. You can get Tammy involved in the fun by having her call and confirm the trip with your traveler. This does take some planning and scheduling, so be sure to schedule a time with Tammy that you will be with your traveler.

Schedule an appointment with Tammy Fisher Travel to book a luxury vacation package for the traveler in your life this holiday season. You can reach our office by calling 480-612-8669. If you’d like to learn more before getting started, feel free to send us a message using our contact form or send an email directly to