Best times of the year to find cheap luxury vacation packages

June 29, 2020 at 7:00 AM
woman enjoying a cheap luxury vacation package to the tropics

Finding great deals on cheap luxury vacation packages feels a lot like Christmas. Unfortunately, these deals often feel like they come only once a year too.

That is, until now. I’ve got the scoop on how you can find the best luxury travel deals for less. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips on shopping for luxury vacation packages

Plan your visit for the off season

If you’ve got your eye on visiting a particular place, you’ll want to do your research first. Find out when the off season for travel is, and plan your trip around it.

The weather may not be ideal, but you’ll often save hundreds of dollars by traveling during these much less busy times. All-inclusive resorts, for example, will often throw in additional incentives for those traveling after the peak season rush.

However, if traveling during the off season means you might encounter hurricanes, monsoons, and the like, consider purchasing travel insurance for your trip as well.

Look for promotional periods

Some cruises, hotels, and destinations will offer promotional periods throughout the year, sometimes with prices that can drop to as low as 40 percent of the original price.

These dates will be different from company to company, so your best bet is to subscribe to their email newsletters. Otherwise, you can also try calling or emailing these businesses directly to find out if they offer promotional periods.

Score massive cruise savings in-between seasons

Cruises take repositioning trips to prepare for the beginning and end of cruise season. Rather than the “round trip” that cruises usually take, the beginning and end locations during a repositioning cruise are different.

If a ship spends summer in Europe and winter in the tropics, for example, travelers on the ship’s repositioning cruise will find themselves traveling between these two locations.

Because cruise ships want to avoid sailing with an empty ship, they will offer huge discounts to passengers interested in taking these one-way trips.

However, the savings don’t end there. You can try to book your trip at the last minute to get even more savings, which leads me to my next point…

Wait until the last minute to book your vacation package

Vacation bundles lock in flight prices at rock-bottom levels, even if they have skyrocketed elsewhere afterward. So if you’re planning on buying a last-minute flight anyway, consider looking into vacation packages for the best flight deals.

Plus, you’ll get accommodations and other additional amenities, all for what is often the price of a regular plane ticket.

Some airlines even offer bundles directly, so it’s worth calling them up to see if they have deals of their own available for you to purchase.

This method also works on discounted hotel stays, so if you don’t mind a little risk, you can contact local hotels for last-minute reservations and save a few bucks.

How to get the best travel deals on vacation packages

As you can see, cheap luxury vacation packages are a lot easier to find than you might’ve thought. However, it does take some additional work for you. If you’d rather avoid doing the legwork of planning your trip, I’m here to help.

Work with Tammy Fisher Travel, and I’ll help you find the best times of the year to travel, save on your luxury vacation package, and even plan out your entire itinerary.

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